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Everything you need to know for the 2020 season

If you missed the parent info night, here is the slide deck we reviewed.

View the google group forum or Team Snap for the most recent communications and the

team calendar for the schedule

Please make sure to read the entire page, see the menu 

What you need to do in order to join the team:

  • Sign up for the roster (insert roster link)

    1. You will be invited to...

      • Register in the Pitzone (& sign the NICA waiver)

      • Start using Team Snap 

  • Fill out your Cyclebar availability

  • Nov 2&3 - Mandatory Bike Check at Stay True Cycles (Nick's new shop) 2743 9th Street  9am - Noon

    • Bring your bike and dues (if you haven’t already paid)

    • Show up at the following times based on your last name:

      • Nov 2

        • ​All female riders, in order to attend Sunday's women's ride

        • 9am-10am: A - G

        • 10am-11am: Female Riders A - O

        • 11am-12pm: Female Riders P - Z

      • Nov 3​​

        • 9am-10am: H - M

        • 10am-11am: N - S

        • 11am-12pm: T - Z

  • By Nov 3: If applicable, apply for a loaner bike 

  • Nov 19 - Attend the mandatory rider onboarding meeting at Sports Basement at 4:15pm

  • Before Dec 1, Pay your team dues:

    • $650 for all riders (includes Pitzone fees for NICA and NorCal memberships, if they have already been paid, then pay $575)

    • Payment Options: Make sure to note the rider’s name when paying

  • In order to join
    Training and Expectations
    • Must be signed-up in Pitzone before you practice with the team

    • 3 on-bike practices per week, 1 yoga

      • Tues, Thurs, Sun

      • Yoga on Wednesday

      • PE credit, as long as they maintain attendance expectations

    • Show up to practice, on time and prepared (water, food, tools)

    • Respect each other and your coaches

    • 5 League Races, 1 NorCal Championship

    Training Schedule

    Dec 1 - Dec 22

    • Sunday practices will meet at the Campinile at 9am

    • Cyclebar is Monday or Wednesday

    • Thursday will be on the bike meeting at Strawberry Creek park at 4:15pm

    Jan 6- Jan 16

    • Sunday practices will meet at the Campinile at 9am

    • Cyclebar is Monday or Wednesday

    • Thursday will be on the bike meeting at Strawberry Creek park at 4:15pm

    Jan 21 through the remainder of the season

    • On the bike practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays will meet at Live Oak Park at 4:15pm

    • Sunday practices will meet at the Campinile at 9am

    • Yoga on Wednesdays, must RSVP through Team Snap (space is limited)

    Equipement recommendations

    Discounts available through Mike's Bikes for all riders and coaches in good standing with the team. For pricing call in or come in.


    Bikes to look into:

    • Specialized Chisel (what our loaner fleet is comprised of)

      • Great value for a starting/new rider

    • Specialized Epic (Comes in both full suspension and hardtail)

      • Very racing oriented, but they now offer a more all-rounder build with the EVO version

    • Specialized Stumpjumper

      • Trail riding oriented bike so not the best for the XC riding that the team focuses on, but still a great all-rounder for a rider that is more interested in going downhill rather than racing. Comes in both a 29” and a 27.5” wheeled configuration.

    • Santa Cruz Highball

      • Like the Chisel and Epic it comes in many different builds some offering great value and is more race oriented than other bikes on the list.

    • Santa Cruz Blur

      • Essentially a full suspension version of the Highball

    • Santa Cruz Chameleon

      • Trail oriented hardtail. Will be a better race bike than most full suspension bikes, but not a racey as the Highball, Epic/Chisel, or Alma

    • Santa Cruz 5010

      • Trail oriented 27.5” wheeled bike. Not the best for climbing and racing, but no slouch under a fit rider.

    • Santa Cruz Tallboy

      • Trail oriented 29” bike. Like the 5010 it descends better than it climbs, but can still be ridden quickly uphill with a fit rider.

    • Orbea Oiz

      • Like the Blur, this is a no compromise XC race full suspension

    • Orbea Alma

      • Orbea’s answer to the Highball and Epic. Great value race oriented hardtail.

    • Orbea Occam

      • Trail oriented 29” wheeled bike. Will not be an effective race bike, but will be a blast to ride outside of racing. 


    In addition to a bike, you will need a helmet (helmets older than 3 years or that have had an impact need to be replaced), correct-size inner-tube, multi-tool, pump/CO2, lights (for early season practices), gloves, eye-protection etc. If you have any questions about equipment please let me know.


    Coach Nick’s Recommendations:

    All of these items can be purchased through Mike’s with the team discount.



    Giro Chronicle

    Giro Montaro

    Specialized Ambush



    Bikesmart Exotool 2.0



    Bikesmart Masterflate

    Blackburn Mammoth Pump



    Nightrider 750 (front)

    Blackburn Click USB (rear)



    Handup Gloves


    Eye protection: Below are a few nicer options, but carpenters safety glasses work great in a pinch and can be had for $5 at a hardware store.

    Smith Attack Max

    100% Speedcraft

    Optic Nerve

    Training and Expectations
    Training Schedule
    Equipment recommendations
    Racing Information

    Race Information

  • We will hold another parent meeting in advance of our first race (March 7 or 8)

    • Race entry fees for the first two races are covered by the team dues. Bianca will be signing up all riders for the first two races

    • Dates for race weekends can be found on the NorCal website, exact day is TBC. 

    • What to expect (as a rider and parent), what we need parents to do, example race flyer

  • Parent Involvement

  • Sign-up to support the pit on race day, sign- up on the Race Day Job card 

  • Ride with the team - contact Coach Elise at

  • Obtaining sponsorship from local businesses

  • Join a committee! Email Bianca at We need 3-5 parent volunteers for the following:

    • Sponsorship

    • Race Day Pit Support

    • Stoke/Spirit

    • Fundraising

    • Events (away practice ride coordination, end of year picnic)

    • Help with getting 501c3 status

  • Parent Involvement
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